Dienstag, 28. August 2012

timing is a lot but not eveything

a lot in life is about timing. meeting people at the right time. being the 1000th customer. saving that document before the black out.

but its as well about meeting the right people at the right time. being the 1000th customer with a valid ID at hand. or saving that important document before the black out.

a lot in life is about timing. but not everything.

Dienstag, 21. August 2012

no reaction to comments and comments themselves

comments to articles sometimes start their own dynamics. at some point it might happen that the dynamics spin out of control and the discussions are not about the main article anymore. one problem with comments is that journalists or whoever contributed the article either dont take or dont have the time to repost or answer to these comments. thats one way traffic. is that why we are theoretically able to answer pretty much from anywhere in the western hemisphere? what is the contributor of the article afraid of? not being able to answer to all comments/posts? is that a problem?

another problem i see with comments is that people try to comment as sophisticated as possible which is fine but comments should be kept short and spicy, they are comments right? but how do you know that the commentator has a profound knowledge and not just an iceberg of it without any under-the-surface-knowledge? is that actually relevant for a "short contribution"?

many q's today. is that a problem?

Sonntag, 12. August 2012

being part of community=being prisoner?

In some countries (depends again on the job; pilot is not equal ground staff) you are more tied to a community because your responsibilities are high but then again your securities (insurance, pension) are high. It almost seems like you get compensated to be stuck in a place. its only a few jobs where you get paid well AND get to see the world. otherwise you get compensated to be stuck. you get paid well to go to a chinese restaurant instead of being able to go to china.