Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

to not big china

China's not big. It's gigantic. Last week I took a plane from Shanghai to Guilin (distance approx. 1200km) to see some green countryside. People call the place where I work (Songjiang, 1.5 million people) countryside but its still scattered concrete jungle to me. I experienced a completely different China. Good air, few people and really green. Just to show you some pics off the screen of my camera. The pictures dont do the real impression I had there justice. It was an amazing adventure on which I was accompanied by amazing people from around the globe from all walks of life. Chinese truck driver, Slovenian Judo instructor, Australian college drop out, German IT guy. 
The adventure ended with a 19 hour train ride back from Guilin to Shanghai. 

Soon my stay in China will end. After only one month here I can say one thing for sure. China's not big. It's gigantic. 

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