Sonntag, 13. Oktober 2013

to foodland Cambodia.

Its a society of mixed cultures. It embraces many cuisines. Its foodland Cambodia.

Due to my Chinese office mates I tend to enjoy a lot of Chinese food on a daily bases. There is a big Chinese expat community here working mainly in the garment business. You pretty much order the same dishes as in Chinese restaurants in Europe or elsewhere. It just tastes better. Better meaning fresher ingrediants such as seafood and veggies from around the corner.

Local Cambodian cuisine is an interesting topic. This country used to be a French colony from the mid-ninteenth century to 1953. You realize it when you walk around in Phnom Penh and see bakeries everywhere selling baguettes and oter pasteries. Unusual? Maybe. Taste? Awesome. I dont think anyone would expect crunchy baguettes for less than a €/$ in southeast Asia. The south of Cambodia has to offer amazingly good seafood due to its direct access to the sea.
Then theres all the funny stuff you think about trying but then hesitate and usually end up not eating because its too gross. Namingly cockroaches, scorpions (the animal, not the band and yes ive eaten a deep fried scorpion ones, the animal not a band member) or spiders.

Now theres still a big vatiety of other good cuisine like Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese or Turkish. But what I experienced today was a great example of fusion food. The place is called Red House and serves Singaporean Chinese food. If you wonder whats that might be, we share a common question I had before I entered this restaurant. The speciality was Indian curry with veggies and crab. Not so much of a fusion until the baguette came instead of rice. I can only say it tasted legen...wait for it, the second half of this word rhymes with the last name of Mariah Carey...dary. At first if I was a little sceptical but it was amazing.

There is still loads to eat. Im going to Vietnam soon, I heard they have food as well.


  1. Keep enjoying to the food. Vietnam does not have that much good food as Cambodia:)