Dienstag, 29. Oktober 2013

to north korea

n restaurant in phnom penh. i have to disappoint you. i didnt really go to pyongyang in north korea but to pyongyang restaurant in phnom penh. 

I didnt expect anything else than maybe a "we love the big leader" or some other funny expression.

one of my frieds told me that the restaurant was owned by the north korean government. we ordered food which seemed to be normal (south) korean food but what was about to happen was anything but normal. the lights got dimmed and music started playing. the show consisted of strictly trained performances with a sprinkle of enjoyment shown through smiles with sweaty faces.  greetings in korean, khmer, chinese and english. celine dions my heart will go on, tap dance, drum, band and violin performance. the show lasted about half an hour and the waitresses were rushing between kitchen to get the food, the tables to serve the food, the dressin room to get changed into different outfits and the stage.

food was good. we had local beer with it. not the offered north korean spirits bottled in 350ml (altho the bottle was only 3/4 full) and went for $50 for the cheapest. 

what a north korean experience in cambodia with american and canadian friends. 

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  1. How was the nord korean beer? The nod korean spirits I bought in korea were terrible.